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Adventure time...

Friday, August 12, 2016

It's Friday... and while it would usually be a #FreebieFriday, this week, it's going to be a #FlashbackFriday to a wonderful little day adventure that I made with a friend at home before moving. 

My buddy, Pedro, and I chatted all darn summer about getting out to go hiking, but because of our lives, the only time we actually found to escape was during my moving week.  Of the many fabulous trails in northern Illinois, we decided to check out the Joliet Iron Works Historic Site.  It was originally established as, well... an iron works site in the late 1800s and closed in 1936.  During it's time of operation, low wages, poor working conditions and numerous deaths lead to an infrastructure collapse.  In the last 1990s, a 12.5 mile paved walking trail was laid down.  If you visit today, you can still see the foundations of many of the buildings and get some more history and background on how the Iron Works site functioned when it was operational. 

Our adventure here was awesome.  With my love of ruins and Pedro's love of Pokemon Go (you better believe we found some good ones), it was a wonderful adventure! 

2 comments on "Adventure time... "
  1. Awesome shots! looks so fun

  2. Perfect post as usual :)