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Big Cottonwood Canyon...

Thursday, September 22, 2016

What's up world!  On this wonderful Wednesday, I am thinking about all of the fabulous things in life.  Something that tops that list is whiskey the opportunity to step back from the busy crush of humanity that we know as civilization to get back to nature.  

I am thoroughly enjoying this look back at some snaps taken at Big Cottonwood Canyon from our Utah trip several weeks ago.  The canyon was gorgeous, even though many of the trails were still super populated.  I was actually pretty happy to see how many people were out hiking because it meant that SB and I were among many like-minded people.  When the trails got too crowded, we were bad and pulled out the phone to geocache a bit off the beaten path.  I'm not actually sure that we really found any real caches, because we never encountered a log book, but there was one point when we'd scaled the side of a cliff, discovered a few dead animals, and each nearly wiped out several times, I found a pipe buried in the leaves in roughly the geographic region that the cache was supposed to be.  

In any case, we had a lovely wander.  While climate change is often on my mind, I was happy to see that the leaves were already beginning to change, as I've been worrying about how I'll deal with my first  autumn without change-y leaves in Las Vegas. 

Also, sometimes, a gal just needs a day with no makeup.  This was that day! 

Can you spot SB^? 

4 comments on "Big Cottonwood Canyon... "
  1. Happy fall! These are some beautiful photos. :)

    I am trying to get used to the idea that summer is already over, but fortunately here in Toronto the weather is still gorgeous these days. Summer is my favorite season, and every year I am sad when summer is gone and fall comes to town, but what I do love about fall is that I get to wear some of the outfits that I can't wear during summertime, because it's too hot, like trenches or colorful socks and tights.

    Enjoy your day!
    Xoxo, Victoria


  2. Beautiful photos! Great post!


  3. Amazing photos! It feels so good to get outdoors. It's only just beginning to feel like autumn here in Scotland. xxx
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