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Friday, September 23, 2016

Hip hip, hooray!  It's the triumphant return of #FreebieFriday (and it should have happened earlier, but I got stuck on a plane on my way home for a family emergency).  That aside, I am very happy to introduce you to 22 Stars, a fair trade company that has paired up with women in displaced refugee camps in Kampala and Jinja, Uganda. 22 Stars founder, Stella visited Uganda to do research for her international law thesis about girl child soldiers, but was so impressed by the ability of the women in these refugee camps to make beautiful jewelry from recycled paper, that she decided to help these ladies improve their lives and started 22 Stars.  

The women who are now earring a fair wage for making this beautiful jewelry once had almost no education, many were sick (with HIV/AIDS), had fled from war zones and were displaced and/or cold not read or write.  Now, a portion of the net profit from 22 Stars sales go straight to providing education, medical care, and leisure classes.  

Stella was kind enough to send me a ton of beautiful jewelry all made by the wonderful ladies in Uganda from recycled paper and she wants to share some of it with one lucky : the daily savant : reader.  This jewelry set includes a lovely necklace (the red beads kind of remind me of chili peppers) and two matching bracelets.  One bracelet has a charm that reads "Trust in your dreams" and the other reads "All we need is love" and they are all things of beauty! 

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  2. Lovely bracelets. We would like to enter. We did everything instead ofo Twitter since we don´t have a Twitter account :D.
    Anyway have a great weekend and come visit us soon!


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