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Zero waste with tonle...

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Ladies and gents, I am absolutely thrilled to share a new brand with ya'll!  Meet tonlé, a zero waste company with some serious sustainable practices!  Here's their deal: they realized that the average t-shirt requires about 2,700 liters of water (the average amount that a person drinks over the course of 3 years), and has a carbon footprint of about 6 kg (aka 20x the weight of the actual shirt).  They also realized that the production of clothing is a huge global issue.  The manufacturing of synthetic materials, which account for about 40-50% of all textiles, leads to the production of over 70 toxic chemicals.  These chemicals pollute water and cause all sorts of nasty diseases (and in some cases, lead to cancer).  Combine these facts with the abominable living wages and working conditions in Cambodia and tonlé was born! 

Instead of wasting up to 40% of all materials used in clothing production, tonlé gets their raw materials from other factory scrap piles.  Their designers put a lot of consideration into new designs, knowing exactly what and how much scrap fabric they have and then everything is handmade (and hand signed) by Cambodian factory workers (who are paid a fair living wage).  This method of production means that when compared to the average company, they save over 22,000 lbs of raw materials from entering landfills each year!  

How cool is that? 

I was happy to wear my tree tee with some trees while back at home!  I love this casual look, and can totally see myself dressing this top up or dressing it down even more for a yoga class! 


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  2. Love your accessories!