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A manic Monday in Wakened Apparel...

Monday, January 9, 2017

Oh, friends, today was the most manic Monday I've had in a long time!  Between my assistant being gone to children having crazy temper tantrums all day, trust me... I was ready to come home and pass out.  But first, I had to stay an extra hour after school to help with Pep Squad.  

And when that was done, I was really ready for bed.  At 1700.  Without dinner.  

But alas, I had a feeling that my body might feel a bit better if I gave my soul a boost first.  I put on my new lotus tank from Wakened Apparel, my favourite ice dyed yoga pants from A Spoonful of Colors, and rolled around on my stylish yoga ball (thanks Global Groove Life).  I've already introduced you to A Spoonful of Colors and Global Groove Life, but this is the first opportunity I've had to share Wakened Apparel with you!  

I love that Wakened Apparel is an online boutique with a ".org" instead of a ".com" in their link.  That's always a good sign that what they do will go to help others, and that's just what my Lotus tank (and all of the other goodies on their website) does!  All purchases generate charitable donations to worthy causes.  The sale of my Lotus tank creates a donation for Room to Read, a charity that helps children in communities around the world have a brighter future through the means of education.  As a teacher myself, this just makes my heart happy! 

Also, how cute is this tank?  It is super soft, and I went up a size so that I'd have a bit more room to wiggle around.  My favourite thing about this tank is that around the super hippie boho lotus design are empowering words, like "honest," "brave," and "powerful."  I think every gal can use a bit of encouragement, especially on a manic Monday, even if it comes from her clothes! 

What's sustainable about this outfit? 
: the tank generates charitable donations
: the yoga pants were handmade
: the necklace was handmade

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