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Seven Magic Mountains...

Monday, June 5, 2017

Once upon a time, I spent ever other weekend driving from Las Vegas to somewhere in California.  On this drive, I sang songs, drank a lot of coffee, and enjoyed the scenery.  After making trips along the same route about 7 times, I was shocked to notice several large towers of neon boulders stacked up in the desert just outside of Vegas. 

After a frantic Google search to see what in the world these monoliths were doing in such an unlikely location, I was even more shocked to discover that I've literally driven past them no less than 7 times without noticing them.  To be fair, though, my return trips to Vegas usually take place when it's dark; however, this art installation is called "Seven Magic Mountains" and there are road attraction signs for them all over the place.  I just never knew what they were. 

All of this being said, SB and I decided to swing back around and check them out, because hey... piles of neon rocks in the desert are just kind of fun.  Of course, we had to attempt to climb them (not recommended), because that's kind of just what we do, but really... I just needed to appreciate the fact that even though these rocks are crazy loud, the surrounding desert is just as rad! 

Ever seen this attraction? 

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