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Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Since I decided to make the switch to living the most sustainable lifestyle possible, I've developed a little trick to make me think that my wardrobe is much bigger than it actually is.  It's easy to do, even while living in a place with little storage space.  

It's also kind of a no-brainer.

As the seasons change, I stash away the out-of-season pieces of my wardrobe.  When I lived in my mum's house, I kept these pieces in a closet in the other end of the house.  When I lived in Germany with SB, I stored things in his closet.  Now, in my tiny apartment, I fold up what I'm not going to wear for the season and stash it all in a suitcase at the bottom of my tiny closet.  

Out of sight, out of mind.  

Then, one day, when there is either a chill in the air or a warm breeze blows through, like clockwork I find myself suddenly drawn to Pinterest to browse through what the upcoming season's latest trends will be.  This promptly reminds me that I have a nice supply of goodies that I'd forgotten I owned over the last handful of months, and I joyfully dig them out and swap the closet around... consulting Pinterest and getting creative as I plan outfits for the upcoming days.  

I mention this now, because it happened to me just the other day.  It is spirit week at school and I needed something purple.  Purple happens to be my least favourite of the colours and it really isn't represented at all in my wardrobe.  This prompted a brief romp through my spring clothes, where I re-discovered this tunic.  It used to be a dress and was found while cleaning out my step-grandma's attic years and years ago.  I shortened it and wore it literally on this same day 5 years ago while on vacation in Washington D.C.  How's that for history repeating itself? 

I feel like I was extra sustainable here because not only did I totally forget that I owned this tunic, it's vintage and was rescued from the landfill!  

What's sustainable about this outfit? 

: the top was altered from a piece discovered in my grandma's attic
: the earrings are handmade from sustainably-sourced butterfly wings
: the Montana sapphire ring is handmade
: the Buddha ring is handmade
: the booties are ethically-made

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