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Sunday, August 12, 2018

My dear Green Bees, back-to-school is right around the corner and I would love to help y'all with your shopping.  As someone who has pretty much always been interested in what people are wearing, but also as someone who wants to make choices that are sustainable, I was absolutely thrilled to have been contacted by Parkland Mfg.  It turns out that they are just as obsessed with sustainable fashion as I am and have created a huge (and adorable) line of backpacks and accessories that are all made from recycled plastic bottles.  

As a teacher by day, I have to give them an A+! 

This is the beginning of my first week of school with students at my new job and since I want to be the new cool teacher on campus *crosses fingers* I'm super excited to have this groovy backpack to show off.  Parkland has all sorts of fun prints in their new fall collection (i.e. solids, camo, florals, paisley, polka dots, etc.), but I opted for the recycle print.  Since I am in a position in which my "new coolness" can influence young minds, I'm hoping that it will bring up any number of teachable moments.  I'm also hoping that when I've got my backpacks or duffel with me while I'm out in public, people will comment on the print and then we can have the conversation about living sustainably and how cool it is that these bags were once plastic bottles.  

I have got to give a major shoutout to the backpack.  I wore the "vintage" style in these photos and I LOVE the build-in laptop sleeve.  The back of the backpack is super padded, so I was able to carry my Macbook (i.e. my life) around with me safely all day.  I think that this feature will be especially awesome for travel, since it is built in and means that I don't need to carry around my designated stand-alone laptop sleeve.  It'll lighten the load a bit!  They were also kind enough to send me the Meadow backpack, which accommodates a 15" laptop and the Lookout duffel bag which was perfect for my overnight long-distance move (just roomy enough for the essentials, but doesn't take up a ton of space).  I'm looking forward to using it for car camping! 

Do me a quick favour, pals, and hop over to their site and then hop back here to comment with your favourite print in their collection! 

: what's sustainable about this outfit? : 

: the tee is made of hemp
: the kimono is made of reclaimed fabrics and plant-based dyes
: the sandals are made of recyclable "Microplast"
: the bracelets are handmade
: the backpacks and duffel are made from recycled plastic bottles

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