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Sometimes, you need a little something something...

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Sometimes, you just need a little something something to push through a rough week.  For me, this week... it was vintage-inspired fashion.  I went full 90s style in this sustainably made babydoll top, crocheted choker, hand-me-down plaid, and bracelets that my new dude 3D printed for me (le sigh... they look like the surface of the moon... one of my favourite things).

Suffice it to say that my middle school kiddos were all about this look.  The space buns were an especial favourite of my children (and several kids that I don't actually know but who made a point to tell me how much they liked my hair).  I went all out and instead of offering kids tallies, bucks, or points for positive behavior, I gave them the option to be sprinkled with body shimmer/glitter.  

We also spent the entire day listening to the first 5 "Now" CDs, which turned what would have been a difficult mid-week day into a bit of an experiment.  I got to introduce several people to the Spice Girls and was pleasantly surprised by the majority of my kids' abilities to differentiate between BSB and N*SYNC!  

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