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Hi... I don't know how to hold still...

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Sooo, it may just be because I'm surrounded by various groups of children who enjoy bouncing off the walls, or it may just be that when I dress like a hippie I get happy, but today I just have not been able to stay in one place if my life depended on it. 

... also... an abnormally large influx of espresso may have something to do with it.  

The jury is out on this one. 

In any case, I've been spending quite a bit of time lately trying to help students change their negative mindsets and turn them into positive/growth mindsets.  It's turned out to be an absolutely incredible challenge that is often quite draining, so I have turned back to time outside, time on the yoga mat (I've finally managed to get my unsupported headstand), and fun fashion!  In the grand scheme of days in the world, yesterday probably wasn't really awful, but in the scope of my own life, yesterday was rough and I needed a serious attitude adjustment.  

That being said, I decided to go full boho today with my Technicolor Dreamcoat and a ton of jewelry and for real, friends, it made all the difference in the world.  I felt so incredibly at home in this outfit, though it was super loud, and though I've only been at this job for a few months and usually try to keep the wild-boho-hippie version of myself just a bit under wraps, I let it all out and was greeted with nothing but positivity.  

I also got the vibe that once my students saw me being a bit (far) out there (man), they relaxed a bit more than usual and let their true personalities come through. 

... or maybe it was just my imagination... or the copious amounts of coffee... 

1 comment on "Hi... I don't know how to hold still... "
  1. Teaching is one of the hardest jobs. I commend you for mentoring your students and taking the time to instill positivity in them. I know it is now easy task!

    I also think it's great you found a way to stay positive. It's great you found a way to use fashion to have a happy and healthy mindset.