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The scents of the desert...

Monday, December 24, 2018

I will fully admit that two days ago as I headed to Denver International Airport, I got a bit confused.  The friend who volunteered to be my person Uber is from Reno, and so we spent the majority of the ride discussing Nevada, living in the desert, etc.  I was a bit shocked when we arrived at the airport to quickly discover that it wasn't actually McCarran International Airport (in Vegas) at all.  And then I got ever so slightly sad.  

While my 2 years in the desert were some of the hardest, emotionally, in my life to date, I learned so much there and grew to form an unlikely relationship with the harsh, dry, mountainous landscape. If I'm truly honest with myself, I don't really think that a day goes by that a small part of me doesn't miss being able to drive out to the fossil beds to get lost for a while. 

I've been quite lucky in life because it seems that most times when I develop a need, or let's get real: a want, someone comes through with a way to help me get that need/want met.  My Instagram pals at Dryland Wilds reached out and sent me a set of their desert perfume rollers.  Green Bees, these things are the COOLEST! 

My pals wander out to the desert, harvest plants, and then go through the process of pulling the fragrance right out of them to create these wonderful fragrances.  The scents are woodsy and natural and when wearing them, I legitimately feel like I'm being transported to a spa in the middle of my beloved fossil beds.  Maybe it's just because I lived in the desert for years and have an emotional connection to the plants that were used to create these rollers, but they are something kind of magic.  I've also got to say that I love that they come in rollers so they're easy to transport, easy to apply, and the oils go exactly where you want them (i.e. unlike with a spray bottle or a dropper bottle).  

I especially love the sweet clover scent.  It totally zenned me out and relaxed me while I was on the plane, and even though I was headed East and not further West towards my former home, they helped make it feel like everything was right in the world.  

I've also got to give some mad props to Dryland Wilds because in addition to creating these wonderful perfumes, they also make soaps and balms, but they are true stewards of the earth.  They are fully committed to preserving the natural landscape by helping landowners remove invasive plants from their land, but then they go above and beyond by helping them find productive uses for the plants that they've removed.  

How amazing is that? 

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