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Moana powers...

Monday, January 28, 2019

I don't know if you've ever seen Moana, but for real y'all, I have this weird tendency to channel her vibes when I'm on this little stretch of beach.  I know, I know... it sounds crazy, but even SunStars noticed it almost immediately and while it's something that I've been in tune with for a couple of years now, I've never even mentioned it to him. 

Ok, let me explain.  

Since I was very young, my dad taught me that nature was alive.  If we treated it with kindness, it would do the same in return.  It's a lesson that has shaped the way I live my life.  He also taught me that it really isn't crazy to talk to nature, and so it's really not that strange to find me having conversations with bumblebees, plants, or wild animals.  

This little stretch of beach has been my safe place for the last 3 years, and in that time, the waves have brought me all sorts of treasures: sea glass, marbles, loose change, a pair of RayBans, really cool bits of driftwood, etc.  When I'm on the beach, I commit myself to helping clean it up (see last week's beach cleanup post) and I feel like the waves are grateful.  I also literally say "thank you" out loud when the waves bring treasures to my feet.  

Anyway, on our first day on the beach last weekend, I was searching for sea glass.  SunStars and I wandered around a bit and picked up about 50 bottle caps that had washed up and then returned to my usual sea glass hunting ground.  There were three other women searching for glass around the same area and when I was finished with my search, SunStars told me how hilarious it was to watch the other ladies run screaming onto the sand every time waves came in, but how interesting it was to see that though I was almost parallel with the other women, the waves stopped when they reached me.  

... and you can bet that I thanked them.  

So, what do you think... do I have some Moana powers or am I just crazy? 

What's sustainable about this outfit? 

: the hoodie is ethically-made 
: the leggings are made of recycled plastic bottles
: the sunglasses are made of bamboo
: the sandals are made of up-cycled yoga mat foam

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