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Energy in a bottle...

Monday, March 25, 2019

Ok, I have to admit something:  I only just made my first trip to Whole Foods about a month ago (despite having a step-sister who used to be a graphic designer for them).  Blame it on having lived out of the country or blame it on the fact that I knew it would be a dangerous place and the only way to exercise self-control was to just to stay away from it.  

... Well... SunStars is kind of an amazing chef and we are both into using fresh/organic/fair trade ingredients when cooking, so suffice it to say that I've spent a considerable amount of time at Whole Foods during the last month or so.  Every time we go, it is something of an adventure.  I've started to connect with some of the amazing brands that are stocked there and it's made a wonderful impact on my life.  I have to admit that I'm not really much of a fruit-lover, but I recognize how important it is to eat fresh fruits and veggies.  Because of this, I've had to get creative with the way I incorporate these nutrients into my diets (i.e. I drink lots of juice and really love a good smoothie).  

On a recent Whole Foods adventure, Garden of Flavor caught my eye.  Their energy elixirs are kind of a combo of juice, energy drink, and kombucha and since I was intrigued, I had to check them out.  They were kind enough to connect me with a sample of their range and I have to say that I've been enjoying them immensely.  Their cold-pressed energy elixirs are made from a base of guayusa (plant-based caffeine kind of like green tea), probiotic cultures, and all sorts of fruity flavors.  All of their juices and bevs are made with 100% organic ingredients, which I can always get behind. 

At this point, the aronia berry and blackberry elixir is my favorite.  It's not too fruity, but is sweet and doesn't taste like your usual plant-based beverage.  I love that it provides a boost of energy while simultaneously supporting immune and digestive health.  Have y'all ever heard of a drink like this?  Pretty groovy, in my book! 

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