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#SustainableSunday with Boody...

Sunday, March 24, 2019

I recently watched "Tidying Up" on Netflix and, while I'm super organized and like to think of myself as a maximalist minimalist (i.e. I have more than the average minimalist, but everything has a purpose and a place), but Marie Kondo definitely inspired me to give the Konmari method a try.  I emptied out my drawers and closet and said "Goodbye" to all of the pieces that didn't spark joy.  After doing so, I tweeted that my 10-year old underwire bras didn't spark joy and that they were the first things to go.  

This; however, left a bit of a void in my dresser drawers, so I was thrilled when the stars aligned and Boody dropped me an email and helped me fill the void in an eco-friendly way! 

Boody was founded in Australia in 2011 with the mission of bringing eco-friendly basics to the masses.  They started by using sustainably grown bamboo to create soft and stretchy viscose fabric that is perfect for basics like bras, socks, underwear, and leggings (for the whole family).  They've racked up a whole host of certifications for keeping things ethical and have also opened a home base in sunny San Diego to help reduce the emissions their products emit to reach their worldwide customers. 

Anyway, as someone who is incredibly small chested, bra shopping usually fills me with an insane level of dread.  When I said that I'd cleared out my 10-year old underwire bras, I meant it.  It has literally been 10 years since I've bought an actual bra because it is so difficult to find styles that fit comfortably.  As bralettes have come into fashion, I've jumped at the opportunity to work them into my wardrobe since they almost always fit, but they tend to leave me looking rather shapeless.  

This is why I love these seamless shaper bras from Boody.  They do have an unpadded version, but the shaper style give me, well, a bit of a shape and add a touch a femininity to my otherwise ruler-shaped body.  These bras have no buckles, underwires, or clasps and the bamboo is naturally cooling, which makes them incredibly comfortable.  Their leggings are made of the same blend of bamboo viscose, which is especially groovy because on the same Konmari cleanup that lead me to toss my old bras, I also let go the decade-old black leggings that my mum handed down to me on one of her own closet clean outs.  These leggings are insanely soft and were great for snapping these photos (and working out), but are also a great layer for an outfit.  It's just as easy to picture them going under a mini dress with some boots in the fall as it is to picture them with my new (second-hand) wedge sandals and a tunic in the spring.

... and to make things even better, Boody doesn't just make basics for the gals!  They have a full range of men's basics along with some super adorable goodies for the tiniest magic skeletons in your life and you can save 20% on your order with code: greenchic20! 

What's sustainable about this outfit? 

: the bras are sustainably made from bamboo
: the leggings are sustainably made from bamboo
: the bracelets are handmade

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