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#SustainableSunday with Zeki Learning...

Sunday, December 15, 2019

Happy #SustainableSunday, Green Bees!  Stellan wanted to make his debut here, and I figured that there was no better way for him to do so than with these handmade, fair trade blocks from Zeki Learning.  

You may remember from last week's sustainable giveaway that Zeki Learning is part of a cooperative  called Child's Cup Full.  This co-op was started in 2008 at the University of Oklahoma as a way to help refugee children on the West Bank in Palestine.  The thought was that if an entity existed to provide jobs to refugee and disadvantaged mothers, they would learn vital skills and be able to support themselves and their children.  

Currently, Zeki Learning employs 6 women full-time.  These talented ladies handcraft all sorts of educational children's toys like soft books for language and literacy, matching games for cognitive development, and these super fun veggie blocks to help kiddos learn more about nature.  Many of their products even come in both English and Arabic.   At just 4 days old, when these photos were taken, Stellan was alert and glancing at them.  He played around with leverage (clearly, my child is a prodigy) and tried to use his head to help lift the blocks up.  I can easily imagine him engaging with these blocks as he gets older and is starting to learn letters, colors, and to identify the hand-embroidered veggies featured on the blocks. 

I also look forward to the days when Stellan can interact with products like their solar system book, the quiet activity book, and the bug assembly kit!   

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