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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Before my surgery, even though I wasn't actively teaching dance classes, I found myself getting super into yoga and the yoga lifestyle.  I decided to invest in an athletic-looking jacket (great for long walks outside... getting in touch with nature) and some new athletic shoes.  

After surgery, the only thing that was comfortable to wear were baggy sweatpants and leggings and I am everso grateful to Dona Jo Fit Wear for sending me these snazzy esqueleto leggings.  Since my dad hung a Jolly Roger flag on my backyard playset when I was 5, I've been a lover of all things skull-printed and the added bonus of expandable comfort after my operation make these leggings one of the greatest things in my wardrobe. 

Look!  They're sooooooo comfy that I can still manage to balance (on my surgery leg) in them!  Fancy! 

Can you tell which knee got a makeover? 
(Please pardon my attractive compression stockings)

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  1. Inspiring story! Honestly, I hate wearing uncomfortable clothes at any time so I understand. Thos leggings are really cool. They look awesome on you.