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Off the beaten path...

Monday, June 6, 2016

I am continuing my "escapism through clothing" journey on this lovely Monday (the last Monday of the school year!!!) with jewelry and clothing from Thailand (and Belgium and the Democratic Republic of Congo) !  Now, I've never been to Thailand and I haven't done much research on the country, but I wanted these snaps to really take me away, so I found a spot that is kind of off of the beaten path...

If nothing else, I got 30 minutes of my day to pretend like I was somewhere a bit more exciting than where I really, truly am! 

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What's sustainable about this outfit? 
: the jeans are a hand-me-down from my mum
: the scarf is fair trade and was handmade with vegetable dyes
: the bracelet was handmade and is fair trade

6 comments on "Off the beaten path... "
  1. Love the boho vibe.



  2. You look so cute and boho, I love your dress

  3. Great laid back summer look, love the shades of blue!

    xx Falasha
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  4. Your kimono is fabulous! Love the detail and that tassel necklace!

    Doused In Pink

  5. everything is fantastic :) even your hair braids :) you look lovely!!!

    The Girl with the Muji Hat